MatBlas is an international insurance and actuarial consultancy company dedicated to streamlining insurance companies’ workflows from pricing to policy processing in fully integrated system. Our solutions eliminate wasteful repetition of manual input focusing on each specific client’s workflow, ensuring integration of systems, databases and automation of management reports. Thus underwriters enter data just once.

Based in London we work with clients in London, USA, Bermuda and Europe.

We understand that if our clients had a choice they would continue to profitably operate without the current individual risk pricing frenzy, but they can’t…So our solutions are ideal because they provide an integrated underwriting-pricing-reporting framework that allows clients to streamline their workflow while complying with underwriting minimum standards and Solvency II.

Working directly with underwriters allows us to accumulate firsthand experience on risk exposures, pricing and market issues that existing and new clients benefit from. Our main asset is not our brand, is our experience, product and market knowledge and reputation for delivering what we promise each time on time.

Clients trust us and keep using our services because we share a common philosophy: statistical and actuarial models for pricing, reserving and capital modelling should only be used to complement risk selection, portfolio management and diversification, not to replace them with model-driven decision making.

Being a small specialist firm allows us to be flexible and respond faster to clients’ needs as we do not have layers and layers of people between clients and those executing the project.

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